Vibes Wear is a socially-conscious enterprise: our purpose is to empower individuals that bring positive vibe in people’s lives. Whether it is a national day of significance, or a drive to develop a corporate team vibe, or even a difficult time like a pandemic. Vibes Wear has only one focus: lift people’s spirits through what they wear.

Items of clothing - whether they are corporate and team shirts, or themed casual and smart wear, or even facemasks - they all contribute to the mood and vibe of individuals, therefore the society. We want to play our role to offer safe, dynamic, aesthetic and functional items that bring a positive vibe to what you wear.


We do not just manufacture wearable attire for the mass market; we provide valuable solutions to the needs of our partners and customers, driven by our commitment to meet high standards of quality.

From selection of materials, to understanding our customers’ problems and needs, we set out to meet their needs. We then deliver products that meet the expectations of our customers, and often aim to exceed them.

Our Mission for Quality embraces the following 3 commitments:

1.       Quality in design & creativity

2.       Quality in production & delivery

3.       Quality in creating value & service

Our focus is never on mass-production, but on wearable solutions specific to events, customers and specific needs. This translates to our designs being unique, dynamic and pragmatic that always suits our most important link in the chain of our business: the customer.


Our overall Vision is about embracing all things humane. We do not see humanity as another resource in the world of business, but as humane capital to be valued and uplifted first and foremost. Our Values, therefore, focus on the following 5 aspirations:

1. We value creativity that is fun, dynamic and positive, rather than monotonous and repetitive. Simply put, we love to bring a positive vibe through creativity.

2. We value the principle of benefit first. Our focus is on creating value for our customers, rather than being just another a for-profit supplier of goods.

3. We value the delicate environment we all share. This is a key reason why we are not a mass-production house of wearables.

4. We value the importance of providing wearables that solve problems and meet the needs of those who choose our products. We do not follow trends; rather, we follow our customers with a genuine interest to serve their best interests.

5. We value social consciousness. So, we make sure we pay a fair price that does not exploit our suppliers, and we aspire to contribute back to communities in need. When we supply our customers with our wearables, we become partners in contributing to the social good of others.your text in this area

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